Sunday, March 26, 2006

Strange Places

“shine on you crazy diamond”

On March 21, 2006 Mhatre writes in the comments for the post:

The night falls silently on our land,
Our lives awoken and together we gather in a band.

This night is a day for us - the living,
Till the darkness of the sun arrives, unforgiving.

We ride through stars and castles like sheeps,
Whilst above us into obscurity the little moon slips.

From turf to turf we sail with our skipper - the wind,
For a moment let go of our past - the sinned.

Now here is another castle in the mountain deep,
Off we alight from our rides and into the dungeons we creep.

Whilst the sand flows through the hour-glass,
The intoxication draws all our thoughts into a single distorted mass.

But though the moon yet rides and the hour yet late,
The dust on the doorway sees us head out for the next gate.

And on and on we ride our souls unbound,
In search for the love that is yet to be found.

Till the crack of dawn pronounces its creep,
And the adamant sun sees us scuttling into our lonely keep.

To some place strange have we come. Look behind and you see only a foggy trail, no bridge nor rail. But come we did. Travelled through wind and rain and sun and arrived at a place were the colours all run. Before you start to feel a thing, you have again shifted your vacation.

Is this were we wanted to be ? Is this what we want ? What is the motivation behind each day's passage ? What higher aim drives us on ? Or is it only the drift ? How does on traverse this patch where all directions seem identical ? How does one make one's existence meaningful ? Study every passing moment ? Pay attention to the smaller details which make life so beautiful ? Help make everyone around you make their existence meaningful ? Make everyone's life better and consequently make your better too ?

Or just let go and follow your heart and let your faith guide you ... ?


This was the night before our trek to Peth. We had half a bottle of vodka and only Rooh-af-za (rose drink) to mix. Thus was invented "Shahi Vodka". I have never laughed as much as I have that night.

On the plateau before the village we slept. Early morning and we were at peace.


One of the most amazingly beautiful treks I have been on. Only three of us, me, Mhatre and Prashant. The only people we met were some tribals in a hamlet we passed.


Sudden trip.


Complete relaxation.



“Lone bird in the orange sky, fly far fly high...”


Anonymous said...

And on and on we parse and strive,
To farther lands we steer our drive.
And though the sun shall set upon our road,
The moon shall rise to tell the tale untold.

And like the star far and away in the vanishing sky,
A light sparkles in the deep of our eye.
And though the wind blows cold through our heart,
The night cant tell our joy and fear apart.

And as the parakeet perched on the tree lets out a call of an awe,
Under the moonlit sky our path takes a yaw.
And when the moist in the air carries the scent of her smile,
Its time to let reality fade away for a while.

And over the distant mountains where the winds blow high,
Where our dreams take form and where the ground meets the sky
And up where the voices of the past fail to rise,
It is there my friends that our destiny lies.

Anonymous said...

poem is really good...

quasi said...

I hagree, Squire. Hez the dude.

quasi said...

Mhatre's poem is a-m-a-zing. Salutes dude. Where have you disappeared to ?