I photograph. Anything. Some subjects more than others.

To be able to see the person for who she/he is and to be able to click a photo which represents him, which is intrinsically her/him. This facinates me, intrigues me.

To me portraits are an exploration into the very being of a person.

Early ones from the 90's, shot on film mostly.

My love affair with portraits got an early boost when I got a used Minolta 50mm F1.4. The shallow DoF was magical. I shot with this lens for a long time and I come to appreciate the focal length. I think I see like it. I know what I will get. I have experimented with 35mm and 90mm as well as artificial lighting. But the 50 and natural lighting is what I love most.

The Minolta 50/1.4

I used to trek and the mountains speak to me. Especially the Sahyadris. I dream of roaming the hills and valleys for months at end. Photographing and painting. Landscape photography is hard. To capture what one felt and to recreate the exhilaration of the moment is very hard. The rewards are equally thrilling when you are able to get ‘that’ shot.

I prefer monochrome landscapes — to focus on the forms and the magical dance of light and shadow.

As much as I love the romance of the black and white I love the colours of flowers. I got a used Sigma 90/2.8 macro. It opened a new world for me.

I am available for commercial portrait assignments.

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