Monday, June 26, 2006

Captain Hrush @ ClearTrip.

Captain Hrush @ ClearTrip., originally uploaded by quasi's mobile.

Hard at work.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

rain is here

early morning over the Bandra flyover

The low dark clouds come over the ocean... bringing the pure waters to pour over our parched souls, washing away the stench. They have a ominous sublime quality about them.

The monsoons of Mumbai have a special place in my heart. I feel excessively romantic. :) I love the wet shiny streets. The dusk. The dawn (if I happen to wake up). The wet trees. The dripping drops. The clean colours. The green hills. The swirling clouds. The rolling grass with pools of dark shiny water. The grey horizon. ...

I think she feels this way too ... (but I am so far gone now, I dont know myself, let alone anyone else ... hehe)




Saturday, June 10, 2006



back seat view when I ride the bike.

What a funny time. And what a funny life.

Vasu is upset because I cannot give him time and because I am not punctual.
My boss is upset because I told him I am not coming on Monday-Tuesaday. In spite of me working on Sunday tomorrow and being in office for every Saturday for the past few months. He pushed me away and asked me to "just go".
My family is upset because I havent gone home after 21st. And I haven't met my parents for over a month.
My colleagues think I am too harsh and cannot control the tone of my voice and I that I crib a lot. Though I daresay I ever crib seriously.
Sanjeev hates my guts I am sure.


Very funny indeed... because this is a crib :)

Monday, June 05, 2006


In Kherwadi

In a cramped up space live multitudes of lives, scurrying about happily,accepting their surroundings and their lives with a positivity worth noticing. I guess you dont have to be rich to be happy. Neither poor. All life forms must be equivalent. Equivalence of all life....

Last Sunday I did my first motion shooting. The cinematography angle is set. I was supposed to shoot today, but unexpected weather and other circumstances have postponed the shoot into the future. We had gone to the Kherwadi zopadpatti to do a location recci. The cramped up spaces, the tiny rooms, the simple lives. Satisfaction indeed lies in the mind.

I have spent some very happy times at a cousins' house which is a tiny 2 rooms. There used to be no TV or fridge. We have got drunk on cheap brandy in water with penuts stolen from his mom's kitchen and been very happy. We used to collect 10 bucks put fuel in an old moped we had borrowed and ride around till it gave out -- then push it home. We have spent hours under the shade of some large trees in the local park, out of the way of all, just relaxing and watching the ammunition factory down below the hill and across. Those guys used to test the munitions (or destroy old ones) and we used to wait for the puffs ... and the delayed sound. It is surprising what one remembers.

Life used to be simpler then. Silently observe. My relatives never were able to decide if I was very smart or mentally retarded. But they always called me smart to keep my mom happy. :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Captain Hrush @ Cleartrip

Captain Hrush @ Cleartrip, originally uploaded by quasi's mobile.

Hard at work...