Saturday, October 10, 2020

Experiments of the pen

I have taken to writing some random stuff. Use a fountain pen when possible. I acquired a great notebook which uses Tomoe river paper from Japan. This paper is wonderful with good quality inks. The sheen is nicely seen. There is no bleed. The ghosting is quite heavy with broader nibs so we can only use one side of the paper. I have got a few Krishna inks and using them with my Ranga or a TWSBI.

Sunday, October 04, 2020

The mountain fortress

The Painting

I stare into the distance
the mind's eye travelling far beyond
The visions of worlds seen unseen
beautiful and strange

The mountains call me into their fold
Blue horizons with twinkling lights far below
Life as we know...

I feel the wildflowers dance with the bees
I feel the sun firing up a riot of gold
- saying goodbye
I feel the freshness of the morning breeze
and the first rays of the sun...

I feel all this — but I am not there.
I stare at the blank paper
praying that my hands can put down my dreams ...
and in doing so, let me live
a tiny bit of those ...

— quasi