Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Watercolour painting: Fog

This is done on a cheap local pad. The sizing of the paper is good, but it is dull in colour. The paints are Sakura Koi. I used an unbranded mop. This painting was done following along Uffe Boesen on Youtube.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

View from a balcony

Colours after a thunderstorm. 5 Sept 2020

Covid19 has changed lives. We have been confined to our homes since March. For some of us it has been easier than others — we have been confined to the comforts of our homes with fast internet and good food. For others it has been a hard struggle.

These are some of the images I saw from my balcony. The space was the same. But at different times nature painted very different canvases. Covid has made me realise the value of simple things which we took for granted. Even a cup of cutting chai is now only a dream.

Lockdown begins! 29 March 2020

Sunset with some early cloud buildup. 11 April 2020

Pre-monsoon showers. 31 May 2020

Glorious sunset. 4 June 2020

Sunset colours. 14 June 2020

Sunset colours. 24 June 2020

Crazy brilliant sunet. 28 June 2020

29 June 2020

Super clear!! 2 July 2020

Rainy evening. 6 July 2020

Beautiful colours north-west. 22 July 2020

Rain!! 16 August 2020

19 August 2020

Whiteout!! 5 September 2020

Beautiful Sunset.

Early rain (Sometime in May. clicked with the A6000)

Torna!! One of the super clear days. This is Torna at approx 315mm on the A6000.

On the same super clear day. This is he side of Sinhagad visible from our balcony.

Same day. This is the mandir on the tekdi on the north side.