Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ruia Naka

Abhijit Rao, 19th February 2005.

Naka. A place where humanity congregates. The faithfuls, the religious, the regulars, the observers, the avid arguers, the occasional sight seers ... all.
This is the place where you meet unexpected people.
And expected ones.
Like a fly to honey we are drawn to it. Here, in the indistinct murmour of voices one finds a unique peace.

Vishnu at Ruia Naka
Vishnu, of the Chai

Vishnu's Kettle at Ruia Naka
Vishnu's Kettle

The triangle of Ruia Naka
'Triangle', Ruia Naka

DP's at Ruia Naka
DP's of the Naka

Friends at Ruia Naka

Sujay at Ruia Naka

Harshu at Ruia Naka
Harshu, with his WWII style bike helmet.

Bhelwalla at Ruia Naka
Bhelwalla (now gone, but used to be there under the tree opp. Shery's)

Nityanand at Ruia Naka

Amey at Ruia Naka

Sai Juice walla at Ruia Naka
Sai Juice

Om Sai Sandwich walla at Ruia Naka
Om Sai Sandwich (now moved to opp. Matunga stn.)

Mani's at Ruia Naka

Note: This used to be on my 'homepage' which went down when tripod shut it down for some reason I dont know. It was up from 1998 to 2006 at least.


Vivek Rao said...

Have always loved these photos. Even i can related to them cause of my podar days. Of course, podar was way cooler than ruia! I guess it still is... I'm sure there's more deflowering in podar fyjc and syjc than in ten whole batches of ruia! hehehehhehehehe shit that made me so sad that i wasn't party to any.... :-(

Unknown said...

These photos are fantastic! I love the way you've used the lighting, and the B&W works well where you've used it.

This series of photographs makes me think of observing all of the people without being seen. You've captured the shots of people without them acknowledging your camera and that is often a challenge when photographing people!

Have a wonderful day!