Sunday, September 24, 2006

Road to Tungareshwar

quasibaba : I hope whoever clicked this feels pretty damn ashamed for subjecting the camera with the insult of having to capture this.

Tungareshwar. The bike. The road. The clouds. The rain. The forest. The temple. The faith. The prayer. The yearning.
Ask with your heart and you shall find, the wise say. You do. I got peace. Transient, but yes...

Of late the journey has taken into unknown territory. Visibility almost zero. But I at least know where I have to go. Dont really know how. I guess one has to keep walking (ya, rite, there is no Jhony Walker around) but ... I have come to believe it this : ask with your heart and you shall find. Every time I have asked Him (ok, allrite, I demand), he has given me some (answers). But I guess, the key is to work for them. Anything we get very easily or without the effort has less value, because we cannot really relate to it. There are reasons and excuses we can always come up with to shrug it away. But to work for something one has to first believe in it. And everytime you run into an obstacle, one has to renew one's faith and blah blah to go on. So soon one really does not need or have any excuses left. Acceptance comes. Acceptance for whatever.








note : all photos with the SE w800i

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Train

mumbai local train

Here are some photos I had clicked last year. The Mumbai Local Train.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Malabar - Day 1

We started off from Mumbai with a (mis)adventure. We missed the train at Kurla Terminus. But managed to catch it at Panvel. :) The journey was wonderful. I was travelling in the train after a long while. The monsoon had been in for some time. All was green and lush and clean and ... heavenly. With the thought of her on my mind and the wondrous passing landscape, I just looked and looked - trying to capture as much of the bounty of nature as I could. I love the low dark clouds. I love the half light. I love the rain. I love the hills in their full monsoon glory. In short I was happy.

Dukku' Marriage








note : all photos with the W800i phone camera

lyrics - Silk Route - Lullaby

I love this song though it is not too popular ...

Silk Route - Lullaby

I know you do know how to say good bye
holding back your tears
but you cry

And the moonlight is feeling numb floating on the water
someone's darling, someone's little daughter
fireflies in the night
flying patterns in the sky
and the murmur of the streets
is my only

Momma momma
momma why am I lonely inside
and the dog I am walking
to your songs I'ave been rocking myslef
to sleep

Momma momma
Momma momma please let me know
tell me where I belong
I couldn't stay for too long
who knows what went wrong
why me?

I know it's not easy but if you try
we can be together forever
in the sky
drifting in the oceans
waves are on the rising
tired and lonely see the sliver lining
bye bye for the wind
bye bye blue skies
and your world is my dream
my only

I'am like the footsteps in the sand but you dont realise
I'am like a flower that blooms in your garden overnight
I'am like a bird that flies home every night all alone
I don't know
Everybody knows
why I cry
Everybody knows
why I cry
Everybody knows ...