Saturday, December 30, 2006

Knee Happenings

After the correction to my brain

Well, I got to see the inside of my Knee as Dr.Joshi and croonies poked and worked it. People would say that it was a glimpse inside my brain - I would agree. :)

quasibaba under his tree

people paying homage to the baba with flowers

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The death of Li Mu Bai

I saw the last part of CTHD on AXN again. Ang Lee has done a excellent job. Every time I see the movie I like it better. This time it was the death of Li Mu Bai which I saw. With his last breath he confesses his love for Yu Shu Lien and says he would prefer to be a ghost and be by her side all 7 days then to go to immortality...

... in return he gets to die in the arms of the one he loves.

mystic lands

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

As the night falls ...

Film city road, Gokuldham

As the night falls ... all have gone to bed. I lie awake to try to collect my thoughts. Watching the occasional cool breeze scattering them like a startled band of night sparrows ...

The anonymous lights of the city speak of a throbbing life. Life, which is calling. Where am I ?

The worst sentence on can serve is the one of constant uncertainty, insecurity and doubt. The freest one can be, is when one has no doubt, no fear. When one can be what one wants to be. When one can fly in the unbounded sky. When the smell of the wild flower can touch the heart. When the crystal drops from the heavens can reach inside and cleanse. When one can infect all around with - life.

Dindoshi bus depot with the toy busses

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Strings at Ruia

Strings, the band from Pakistan.

Strings, the band from Pakistan, came to Ruia. They are very talented performers. It was a very enjoyable performance - no natak no bhav. They just played liked they loved playing ... which they probably do. It came out rocking. They had the whole crowd jumping. It was very energtic. I loved it. Glad that I decided to go ...



Friday, December 22, 2006

wonders of modern technology

I am connected to 'agni' over ssh over VPN from my MBP. I am typing this from my MBP which is connected over encrypted 802.11g network to the HP nx8220 in a peer-to-peer connection. The HP nx8220 is connected to the net with a PCMCIA Reliance Mobile NetConnect card over a CDMA 1.0x network. HP nx8220 shares the net connection with the Mac with the Win XP SP2 internet sharing - which is basically NAT :). I can also connect from a Win XP SP2 I have running in a VM on the MBP OSX. I can also connect from a Debian Sarge Release 4 I have running in a VM on the MBP OSX.

"Bazically and all that" (hehe) this enables me to connect over a ssh tunnel to any of the running Allegro images with SLIME in Emacs and hot patch.

Cool no ? :)

the photo is me working on the MBP. scary, eh?

Monday, December 18, 2006

You'r my best friend

Don Williams - You'r my best friend.

You placed gold on my finger you brought love like I've never known
You gave life to our children and to me a reason to go on
You're my bread when I'm hungry you're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean but most of all you're my best friend

When I need hope and inspiration you're always strong when I'm tired and weak
I could (search this whole world over you'd still be everything that I need)
You're my bread (when I'm hungry you're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean but most of all you're my best friend)
You're my bread (when I'm hungry you're my shelter from troubled winds
You're my anchor in life's ocean) but most of all you're my best friend

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


young fern

A minor slip can have major repercussions. hehe. Weather of the tongue or of the bike or other. I, sorta, have screwd my already screwed leg. Today did all the freking blood tests prior to surgery. The other day the MRI. That machine scared me.

Lets see how it all happens ... which of the 'breaks' heals faster. hehehe.

Moral of the story : If you wanna screw around, dont do it to your knee 'cause that's what you screw around on. hehehe

Tuesday, November 21, 2006



We went dirt biking. To Rajmachi. It has been closest to a trek I have done in quite a while. I love the Sahyadri's. The black rock. The wild landscape.

The village was peaceful. We ate some home cooked rice bhakri's, mixed batata bhaji and some phodni-che-varan. Slept on a saravlela mud floor. There was a cool breez blowing. Morning was peaceful. Some poha and sweet tea. Small talk. Fresh morning. The fort in front of us, ablaze in the morning light. We took a walk to a small lake. Sat in an old old shiv mandir for some time. Spent time trying to hit small frogs in the mandir kunda with tiny pebbles. Lazed around. On our way back we met Rajesh.






Note : all photos with SE W800i camera phone.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


raju rajesh and tyo
At Thane, Rajesh's house. stoned and into the music.

"Reflection leads to comprehension,
Comprehension leads to acceptance,
Acceptance leads to forgiveness,
Forgiveness leads to tranquility..."
(as seen on my friend AR's blog)

In certain circumstances, yes. Reflection does lead to comprehension. And comprehension leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to peace. Sometimes (rarely) you have to forgive others. Sometimes (more often) you need to forgive yourself. And then sometimes (mostly), things have nothing to do with right or wrong.
In all the complex web of events happening around us, acceptance of things one has no control over, is what makes it easier to take on life with all its uncertainities. As you live more, more you realise the difference and the importance between a life of anger and a life of peace to be really yearning the latter ...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the old life

The old life.
school friends. school. that was a life to remember.

Ajju, Dukku & Chati. Ajay got married recently - I didnt attend. It was pretty nice of him to forgive me. But then all of them have always been very forgiving about me & all the things I keep doing.

I had a very nice time in school. In fact, mostly, I have been having a pretty nice time here. hehe.

Saturday, November 11, 2006



Time passes so quickly sometimes. Especially when it's a race against time. Lots of things get done. Life shifts positions by larger quantums. But there is a sense of loss too. The sense of time not lived. I guess that's the price we have to pay. I guess, like all things related to this world, a balance is what is required.
I guess it makes one realise the importance of the time actually lived ... of the every moment one can remember. Not too much might have got done. But that is the life one can remember well, and fall back on to, for perspective.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

local train


A new set at flickr : 'local train'.
This is work done last year for Dombivilli Fast. Finally I put it up.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Numerology Profile ...

(what say ?)


There are several sides to your character but your energy is primarily pointed in two contrary directions. A good part of you is probably strong and practical, interested in the business world or similar material activities, but another side of you is free-spirited and adventurous -- at least in spirit but often in fact -- and doesn't want to feel restrained in any way. During your youth and young adulthood, you'll try to balance your need to take care of your material needs and ambitions with your need to do your own thing with as little sense of responsibility as possible. You'll probably sometimes take care of one and sometimes the other, but rarely to your complete satisfaction. As you get older, you'll probably learn how to balance your ambitious, practical side with your free-spirited side so that you can feel comfortable with both.


Your 4 Life Path And 8 Soul Urge

You were born with the potential to work long, hard and patiently. If there's a job requiring a good deal of time, much difficult work and careful attention to detail, you can probably do it well. One of your major lessons in life is to learn the advantage of using system and order. You may choose a line of work in which your systematic approach can be developed. You're likely to be good at establishing new routines and maintaining existing ones.

You probably have strong material needs along with your executive and administrative abilities. You are likely to want a life of wealth, success and power. You would prefer running your own business or, at the least, playing a significant role in some commercial venture. Your desire for money and possessions is probably seen in your personal life as well as in your career.


Your 3 Expression And 3 Birthday

Along with the practical side that is such a major part of your character, there's another side which also contributes to your general makeup although it's of less importance than the business and organizational side. When some of these lesser traits conflict with the materially-oriented side of your personality, you usually defer to the latter.

You have an innate delight in the pleasures of life. You sometimes affirm this delight with exhilarating enthusiasm, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure. Others will recognize your ability to appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living and seek out your company. Some of your time will be spent socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You'll probably enjoy using your considerable creative ability. You may choose a line of work in which both your social and creative skills can be developed.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Eravikulam National Park

Never been to a more enchanting place ...

It was so serene. So amazingly beautiful. The myriad colours of nature kept the eyes searching. The elusive misty mountain, tall, strong, but shy.

I so much wanted her to be with me to feel this joy.

View Large

Periyar Lake

Periyar Lake, Tekkadi, Kerela

We took a boat ride on the lake in the morning.

The boat was full of tourists. Lots of Firangs. Then we has our local Mallu tourists too. I guess this was off season. There was this old rich white couple who had a local guide with mean eyes. We named him 'tiger'. He was constantly going "Kingfisher at 2 O'Clock!!!!!" "xyz-rare-bird at 7 O'Clock!!!!!" .. and the likes ... He wore a full set of WWF gear complete with cap. The white old fart had a DSLR with a freaking big lens hanging from his neck. He liked to stand like some king of monarch with hands on hip to survey the "raj". Other wise he was glued to his binoculars trying to find his long lost relations on the tree tops.

The boat ride was peaceful. We hardly saw anything other than feathered. We had this theory that the game keepers who prodded the game to the lakeshore for the viewing pleasure of the gora tourists had taken an off that day. We could almost imagine a few of them trying in vain to convince a tiger to show his grace for a few seconds to the passing boat ... pleading with promises of rewards of fresh goat meat. Or maybe the animals just decided to stay in the shadows and watch the show the multicoloured tourists put up. Imagine a few bison commenting that our 'tiger' had new bakras as usual.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Road to Tungareshwar

quasibaba : I hope whoever clicked this feels pretty damn ashamed for subjecting the camera with the insult of having to capture this.

Tungareshwar. The bike. The road. The clouds. The rain. The forest. The temple. The faith. The prayer. The yearning.
Ask with your heart and you shall find, the wise say. You do. I got peace. Transient, but yes...

Of late the journey has taken into unknown territory. Visibility almost zero. But I at least know where I have to go. Dont really know how. I guess one has to keep walking (ya, rite, there is no Jhony Walker around) but ... I have come to believe it this : ask with your heart and you shall find. Every time I have asked Him (ok, allrite, I demand), he has given me some (answers). But I guess, the key is to work for them. Anything we get very easily or without the effort has less value, because we cannot really relate to it. There are reasons and excuses we can always come up with to shrug it away. But to work for something one has to first believe in it. And everytime you run into an obstacle, one has to renew one's faith and blah blah to go on. So soon one really does not need or have any excuses left. Acceptance comes. Acceptance for whatever.








note : all photos with the SE w800i

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Train

mumbai local train

Here are some photos I had clicked last year. The Mumbai Local Train.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Malabar - Day 1

We started off from Mumbai with a (mis)adventure. We missed the train at Kurla Terminus. But managed to catch it at Panvel. :) The journey was wonderful. I was travelling in the train after a long while. The monsoon had been in for some time. All was green and lush and clean and ... heavenly. With the thought of her on my mind and the wondrous passing landscape, I just looked and looked - trying to capture as much of the bounty of nature as I could. I love the low dark clouds. I love the half light. I love the rain. I love the hills in their full monsoon glory. In short I was happy.

Dukku' Marriage








note : all photos with the W800i phone camera