Sunday, June 16, 2019



After a long long time, we visited Solapur. During school years we used to visit every summer vacation. It was my mother's 'maher'.  My grandparents used to wait for us. So many cousins used to come together. We used to have a blast of a time. So much fun.  As we may have it, my wife's mother is also from Solapur. She spent her childhood summer vacation in Solapur too.  Hardly a kilometre from my grandparents' place. But we didn't know each other then.

Solapur has not changed much. My cousin Aniket was also in town from Bangalore. We went to eat mutton sheek at painter chowk. You dont get similar sheek anywhere else.  We got a little spiritual and at sheek sitting on the floor of the shack.  Next day we visited Akkalkot math.  In the evening we went to visit the farm of my mami's friend. Nanu enjoyed playing in the mud. It was such a pleasant experience - walking the farm.  How we city dwellers miss nature.

Mutton sheek at Painter chowk

Akkalkot: waiting for prasad

Swami Samarth

Akkalkot prasad. I was a great experience.


Nanu enjoying playing in the mud.


Lakshmi Narayan

Pav Chatni

Punekar Kamthe.  I have had sugarcane juice here since I was a kid.