Thursday, November 05, 2009

on Post Processing

This one is the original as it came out of my Olympus SW850.

For all the heads who believe that doing PP is bad. "this is as-is from the camera" they claim, with pride. There is nothing wrong with only in-camera as equally as there is nothing wrong with photographic PP.

Getting the composition and exposure right as much as possible in the camera is a good ploy. But the camera sensors (and films emulsions) have severe limitations in the way they capture light. They rarely, if ever capture the scene as the eye sees and the heart feels ... the post processing gives the image the feel .. the thing you felt when you clicked it. Post processing is the next 50% of image making - after the capture. You can do better PP in the digital darkroom then what PP the camera can do in-camera.

This was more like the mood that day. The dramatic clouds were overpowering, dominating the scene. The sun-burned grass and landscape was drab and desolate.


Vivek Rao said...

Wow, thats quite a difference!

So now i need you to click a bunch of photos of mine and making some 'minor' changes, make my bod change from Jack Black to more like Hugh Jackman.

Ajay said...

hey which camera did u use?

quasi said...

I used an Olympus SW850 weatherproof compact for this one. It's very noisy and sharpness if off - but it can take a bit of rain on it. :)