Saturday, October 05, 2013


Sasurwadi, originally uploaded by quasi's mobile.
It is strange to pass through my city as a stranger. And I did literally pass through a tiny corner - Mulund check naka - on my way to my in laws in Kalyan. After a break, the first impression of this great city is dirt, stench, smoke, heat, sweat and a mind numbing shitload of people. And I am just coming over from a stone's throw away Pune.

I travelled in a local train after a while. I sat there on the proverbial fourth seat and watched the ebb of humanity around me. It was a curious experience. I felt like a researcher on an observation trip among some native population. In front of me was a Aagri couple from the rural community at Diwa. The guy wearing glasses with golden frames through which he meticulously scanned an entire newspaper. This left hand thumb nail was at least an inch long. His wife was wearing a large amount of gilt or gold - I could not tell - jewellery. Her green net saree had gold, silver, purple and yellow flowers on it. She was past forty but carried herself well.

Then on the backside was a young chap from some village from up north. He looked like a young Bacchan wannabe right out of some 70's movie. His super tight full shirt with two front pockets with triangular flaps and tight white trousers with shiny vertical stripes made his lean figure look leaner. The wore a band in his right ear and carried a focused mean look.


Serious Observations of a Funny World

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