Wednesday, December 13, 2006


young fern

A minor slip can have major repercussions. hehe. Weather of the tongue or of the bike or other. I, sorta, have screwd my already screwed leg. Today did all the freking blood tests prior to surgery. The other day the MRI. That machine scared me.

Lets see how it all happens ... which of the 'breaks' heals faster. hehehe.

Moral of the story : If you wanna screw around, dont do it to your knee 'cause that's what you screw around on. hehehe


Aniket said...

dumboo watz da pic about?

tujhe football team join karayche diwas aale ahet :)(:

Gauri Sarda-Joshi said...

that rock has ferns growing on it. so it must be near a water source, and thus is a wet mossy rock. one can slip on it, or around it. when one slips, and loses balance, one falls. thus, the pic.

enh, quasi?

quasi said...

The thing is, I am the rock. & I have a lot of moss all over me ... so the world slips over me ... It's just a matter of perspective, I fear.


quasi said...

ani baccha : In the shade of this fern did the test of a lot of me start ... seems like a different world from a different time now ... so long ago ... it seems.