Friday, December 22, 2006

wonders of modern technology

I am connected to 'agni' over ssh over VPN from my MBP. I am typing this from my MBP which is connected over encrypted 802.11g network to the HP nx8220 in a peer-to-peer connection. The HP nx8220 is connected to the net with a PCMCIA Reliance Mobile NetConnect card over a CDMA 1.0x network. HP nx8220 shares the net connection with the Mac with the Win XP SP2 internet sharing - which is basically NAT :). I can also connect from a Win XP SP2 I have running in a VM on the MBP OSX. I can also connect from a Debian Sarge Release 4 I have running in a VM on the MBP OSX.

"Bazically and all that" (hehe) this enables me to connect over a ssh tunnel to any of the running Allegro images with SLIME in Emacs and hot patch.

Cool no ? :)

the photo is me working on the MBP. scary, eh?


him ... said...

dude !!!!!!!!!! u are the dude !!

Shrikant Joshi said...

Dude, just how many VMs do you have on that box? Man, it must be one crazy-ass box!!

That leaves me with four letters for you: I NV U.


And BTW, the foto is different from wthe context, I believe... You don't seem to be working there... Or are you?


Anonymous said...

I can't get a word of what you said :(

watz THE MBP??

quasi said...

shaktimaan : MBP = MacBook Pro

Joshya : I got 2 VM's which I can run parallely - XP and Debian. And, yes, I was working. That photo was when I was thinking (or pretending to) and it's taken with a camera on the MBP panel.

Him : Dude *you* are the dude !@#@$#$