Thursday, November 16, 2006


raju rajesh and tyo
At Thane, Rajesh's house. stoned and into the music.

"Reflection leads to comprehension,
Comprehension leads to acceptance,
Acceptance leads to forgiveness,
Forgiveness leads to tranquility..."
(as seen on my friend AR's blog)

In certain circumstances, yes. Reflection does lead to comprehension. And comprehension leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to peace. Sometimes (rarely) you have to forgive others. Sometimes (more often) you need to forgive yourself. And then sometimes (mostly), things have nothing to do with right or wrong.
In all the complex web of events happening around us, acceptance of things one has no control over, is what makes it easier to take on life with all its uncertainities. As you live more, more you realise the difference and the importance between a life of anger and a life of peace to be really yearning the latter ...

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