Monday, October 19, 2009

of Deepawali Lights and Fireworks

Diwali Fireworks

Yesterday night (17th) the city of Mumbai was bursting all over with the sound of a thousand crackers and the sparkle of a million lamps. More and more people have been asking for a less polluted and noisy festival with emphasis on lights not crackers. And slowly but surely it seems to be working.

I have been cooped up for a week trying to solve some problems. Suddenly I took the camera, tripod and rushed out to the terrace to click a few. I have always wanted to do so. I got a couple of burning embers on me too.

The pollution and smoke is visible. So are the lights and lanterns and firework displays. All in all it is a happy time. The beauty of the lit city shadowed the negatives. It was asking to be positive.

Diwali Lights and Fireworks
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Diwali Fireworks

Diwali Fireworks

Diwali Fireworks

Diwali Lights and Fireworks
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Piyush said...

Amazing shots! Super pro stuff dude.

Vivek Rao said...

Very nice photos yaar. I'm sure its not easy to get these perfect effects. Good stuff!

I wish you were clicking more nude chicks though... :-)

Rashmi said...

Ammmaaazzzzzziinnnng snaps.. just too good.

Archana Rao said...

SUPERB!!!!! Very nice....