Friday, October 23, 2009

My Brother

The Poet: Vivek Rao aka khekdu.

My brother's name is Abhijit
he studies in standard tenth
he has got a nice friendly look
and is broad in width and tall in length.

he wants to be a scientist
scientific is he
and I know when he grows up
a scientist he will be.

he is in his teens now
his age is fifteen
he is also quite brainy and kind
but sometimes a little mean

he also wants to travel
in the world so big
but one must be healthy for that
and he is as thin as a twig.

but he is aware of that now
and knows its' not enough to be long
and is exercising hard everyday
and is growing more and more strong.

he dreams of his own castle
which secret passageways
and his own robot servants
to do what he says

but for all this he has to grow up
and for that there are a few years
and as we cant tell time to hurry
it's no use shedding tears.

but now the SSC board exam
is very soon due
He is busy studying hard now
I wish him best of luck - wont you ?

-Vivek Rao in Feb 1992 (he was 12)


N said...

how endearing ...

Vivek Rao said...

Saala you had this with you? Kya pandu likha hai re... Kameene you should mention that I was just 12 years old then...

Aur kya photu daala hai... Doing what i do best - hogging!

quasi said...

aare idiot .. I put the date na .. feb 1992.

Vivek Rao said...

and people just guess my birth year??

Aniket said...

Ithe pandu kay ahe?? He cute ahe ;)

shruthi said...

really a good one.....

Archana Rao said...

goood one...