Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rajendra Vallury aka Chota Father

Rajendra Vallury aka Chota Father, originally uploaded by _quasi.

Music is your only friend ... until the end.

Love is never lost. It is eternal. It is the bond that binds people. We can cut loose from our end, but it still lives on, in the infinite universe. It gives company to those who keep it company.

Was that inspirational or was it the severe lack of alcohol in the past few weeks?

Photo taken at Mahabaleshwar where he threw both his phones to the other end of the room to show that nothing happens to them.


Unknown said...

Oh hell.. he did it there too... He did that at Bangalore too... :)

It was inspirational!


Unknown said...

Indeed inspirational, hehe. I have recorded it. Contact me if anyone wants to see it.. :)