Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A slice of life

A slice of life

The back side of Dindoshi. I have been trapped in a room with a window. I see life far below, jostling for breathing space. Life in the city. Tightly packed. On first thought one wonders why people choose this over the fresh air of their villages. But I guess the buzz of life and excitement of being amidst the multitudes here cannot compare to the boredom and lethargy of some remote spot.

I crave that for I have scarce had it. We all want what we have not. The dark lords of the city lure many here, with glamorous and exciting illusions, to be trapped willingly. Others, unwilling, see fleeting glimpses of various exits only to not be able to reach them or to be dragged back from the very brink.

We all are trapped. Only the brave and the blessed escape.


Anonymous said...

nice. this is my wallpaper now. happy lisping.

Vivek Rao said...

Really loved the photo. Life must be really tough down there. Here we travel far and wide or buy an extra house because we want 'space'. For some space could well be a tiny 3x3 room to answer natures call without sharing the moment with ten others in a similar plight....


Unknown said...

Great shot! It kind of gave me culture shock - I'm so accustomed to having *so much space* around me. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great pic.
Quite creepy how we're so used to the lack of space in this city.