Monday, November 16, 2009

Vashi Bridge

Vashi Bridge

I have been stuck at home for far too long. I want to go to Bhandardhara. I want to go to Devrukh. I want to go to Kaas. And I also want to go to Matheran. But none is happening.

I tried and tried to go for a day biking trip. zilch. not happened. Finally I got fed up and just left at 4pm on Sunday. Me and Percy on the Avenger. We went up to shil-phata and came back. It was better than ajibat nothing. :)

This is the Vashi bridge as seen from the Airoli bridge. Clicked with the old Minolta S414. The weather was heavily overcast. We got a few drops of cold rain on us most of our way back.


Unknown said...

Nice effect, looks like a charcoal sketch. And it gives the feeling of darkness.

And it was indeed a nice ride. :)

Vivek Rao said...

Yeah, nice effect. I have fond memories of the vashi bridge. I used to drive from campus to jui nagar to the tata dealership during my first job at tata motors. At that time, driving my own maruti 800 made me feel like a king! I used to marvel at the luxury i was enjoying. And there is a turn while on the way back where suddenly your rearview is filled with mountains...during rains that was such a brilliant sight!