Saturday, September 26, 2009

Karela Fry Solapuri

Thin slices of Karela

You need:
4-6 tender karela's.
3-4 large onions, finely cut
kothimbir, lots
fresh scraped khobra of half a coconut
3-4 kokam pieces
Kala Tikhat (mixture of khada masala, garlic etc)

Scrape off lightly parts of the rough green outer covering
Cut thin slices, remove larger and harder seeds
Rub lots of (2-4 teaspoonfuls) salt on all the slices and leave for 30 minutes
Wash thoroughly 2-4 times, lightly squeezing the slices intermittently
Heat a largish quantity of oil, enough to fry/cook all the slices
Squeeze the water out of the slices and fry in oil on low-medium flame till they have reduced in sized and have become somewhat crispy.
get them out of the oil squeezing as much of the oil out as possible
add haldi and onions to remaining oil. add salt and cook till onions are pink
add the kala tikhat and the kokam and further cook till oil starts separating
Add the fried karela slices and cook on low flame till in reduces significantly in volume.
Add a little bit (1/2 - 1 teaspoon) of sugar, kothimbir and the coconut and cook for 2-4 minutes till all mixed.

nipra : 8/10
percy : 7.5/10
q : 8.5/10

I give it more because it was almost as good as what my mom makes. :) and it was a _lot_ of work.


sumedh Khobragade said...

sorry rao... i hate karela....but my personal point of view se i will rate karela 0/10. not for ur cooking, but that rating is only for karela....

Vivek Rao said...

Sumedh i second ur opinion....karela is the most hateful bhaji in the world....

bhau try making some exotic stuff na, like paneer chilly dry, or boiled vegetables soft burnt with red wine, boiled egg boiled potato mayo salad....

quasi said...

you guys are sissies. bhaji was not that bad. everyone ate it well. either the eaters were brave or the bhaji was not that bad. :)