Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Matheran (part V) : Night at the house

Relaxing after we reached home

So after food and rambling around in the night, we went home to roost. We were tired. We relaxed. Cracked jokes from a different dimension. Talked. Photographed sundry stuff around.

Matheran with its heavy rains and being in the clouds for 2-3 months every year takes a heavy toll on all material which do not like water. Iron supplies rust super fast. Other things rot if not taken care of. The monkeys make it necessary to bar and grill and mesh everything. You dare not leave any doors or windows open otherwise ...



Old Warrior
an old lock

anti monkey grill





Unknown said...

Anti-MONKEY grill? Oh my goodness... I live in a place where a bear might get me but monkeys would scare me way more! Good thing for the grills then I suppose. haha!

I love the first shot of relaxing on the porch. It's so nice to just sit sometimes.

The portrait of Percy is AWESOME! He looks a bit bored, or maybe like he's waiting for something.

And the rust shots are great too! Great colours and textures.

Hope you have a great day!

Riti Roy said...

Hi !
I Love the pictures you have posted.. Excellent !

quasi said...

@Picture Imperfect : :) Percy was just thoughtful. We had rambled for hours and were tired and comfortably fed. :) A great year to you too.

quasi said...

@RITI : Thanks! Glad you like them. :)

chinmay said...

the rust pic is ultimate!! nice photography mate!!!