Thursday, January 26, 2006


Photo by Himanshu Mhatre

Have you ever been really really exhausted ? Every step a huge fight. Like on a trek or climb. You wonder when you will reach the top. The only thing which keeps you going is the hope that the top is near. I am at a similar spot. Emotionaly. I thought I was strong. I thought I never would need to fight for every step here. But I was wrong. Like many things.

How fragile we are. How easy it is for the apple cart to topple. How easy it is to stray. So what we are is mostly a collective effort of all the people who have anything to do with us (in varying degrees). So actually where is the I here ? What happens to it ? It's use is in, by the same logic, playing a part in defining the world for everyone it is related to.

We no live alone, We no can do
We no can escape the entangled mesh of emotions surrounding us.
Just find a balance in it.

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Anonymous said...

the 'I' is the choices u make... the 'I' is the sensations that are unique to u, that no one else can ever fully understand. and yes, we all define the people around us, and get defined in turn by them. and if u allow links of this mesh to be strong enough, it'll support u, let u rest, give u strength, whatever u require. the 'I' is in allowing this to happen.