Monday, January 02, 2006

new year

self portrait by some folks on the naka

the new year comes
the dead one awakens
only to spit me in the eye
the world goes round
need to check my core
question mark on my soul
doubt on my reality

all I live by
all I care about
all my truth
all my faith
all my love
all in question

why do I still feel she will come to me?
is it faith
or insanity.


What does one do when one's faith crosses path's with one's reality ?
When faith is put up against the wall.
Will it survive?
Is it important?
Or should one ignore it and go with the perceived reality ?


Anonymous said...

'hope' is a good thing...

quasi said...


quasi said...

thanks percy. :)

inane said...

Hope is usually a bitch who leaves you hanging .. just saying ..

inane said...

... or maybe some people's faith is not strong enough to alter their own realities. unfortunate ones. yes.

inane said...

We have control only on our reactions. Everything else just happens.