Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunrise on a Mountain.

At chowk. It was really chilly. My watch showed 13C. The windchill had our fingers numb. We sit and try to glean some warmth from the thermocol the old feller was burning.

We took the old ghat road. This is the Mandir I remember from my childhood when all vehicle used to pass this way on their way up. We used to lean out of the window to throw the coin in an effort to entice the Lord to make the journey safe. At one time I have spent 7 1/2 hours stuck in traffic here. Now the road is empty and almost abandoned. Times change.

Moon over the Express Street.

Dawn breaking over the expressway.

Khopoli in the valley still shrouded and smug in the darkness.

Early morning near Sahara Valley.

Panorama. The west view - from south to north.

Nice road. We had a wonderfull ride.

This is up to where we went. A small cozy tapri.

Dukes nose on the way back.

All photos taken with the SE k750i cameraphone.

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