Friday, March 24, 2006


Creep, originally uploaded by quasi's mobile.



simple thoughts said...


quasi said...

That is the only way to explain it.
I'am a creep.
A creepy sheep or a sheepy creep.

quasi said...

... otherwise I should have had a chick by now.


him said...

look at the bright side - you still have options. Not stuck up with some wallet-sucker or something....

quasi said...

hehehe ... right.

simple said...

exactly! mad maybe... but u sure no creep.

him said...

For long he calls himself a creep,
And in the shadows of the moon he is found asleep.

And when he does not tend to his freaks,
He adorns the cloak of the geeks.

In the faint trail of smoke that leaves his breath,
Speaks of he of lost love and death.

But with all due respects 'onorable sire,
Your condition is far away from dire.

quasi said...

they call me bad
they call me mad
then they call me a freak
and then a geek

I dont even know
what I seek
(and for that matter)
what I speak

stink of smoke
and of beer I reek
am the old poke
with all the cheek

there is method in the madness
(mind you)
and rhyme in the sadness
(find you)

But to this I will agree
O great One so free,
my condition is indeed far from dire
am just waiting for some baby to light my fire !!


him said...

And together we all burst hehehe,
but underneath the laughter you hear the wind say.
Its time my lad to move on, to make a new way,
For forever, these clouds of darkness cannot stay.

And like all other clouds they aren't our resident way,
And from turf to turf they will have to sway.
And it is time for our laughter to have its way,
as with its tremors the clouds burst, giving way to a brand new day.

quasi said...

I miss your rhymes him ...