Monday, November 12, 2007

Harihareshwar etc.


It was good to be away from the city after a long time. I was feeling quite dead. So when the trip was proposed, I was ready. My car was in the garage, so had to borrow my brother's Honda city. It was fun driving. The company was good. The places we went through were refreshing.

We decided that we will go via Diveagar to Shrivardhan. This would mean a detour on a very bad road. But having passed through these lands on our bike trip, I knew it would be worth it. It was.

We reached Harihareshwar late. The MTDC was full. But between Percy and Harsh, they acquired accommodation for us. It was pretty good. We headed for dinner of fish in the local style.

Next morning I could not get up early, but Percy and Ipshita went roaming the land. After a breakfast we headed for the beach. It was so beautifully serene. I wish I could have stayed there for a few more days. Me and Percy walked to the other end while the others enjoyed the crystal clear waters and the white sands.

Lunch with our hosts, again of fish. Then on the way back to reality.

Our lives have become such a circus. Of running about. Of doing who knows what and to what end. Of chasing a life with the hope of a nicer future. This is the time of plenty. The food and shelter is there. But everyone is still looking for something ... else. It's such a circular thing that it becomes funny. The good part of it is that such occasions as ones describe above become all the more desired and enjoyable. I think we have psyched ourselves into such an hyper-excited lifestyle that we yearn and desperately strive to live these moments to the fullest. Experience.

Harihareshwar Beach
Harihareshwar beach. 180 deg panorama

on the road to Harihareshwar

the state highway to shriwardhan

the road from Diveagar to Shriwardhan


Annie on an isolated beach

Suru trees on the beach. They are beautiful.


At Shrivardhan for tea.

Dinner at Harihareshwar

Harihareshwar beach.

Beach view from the other end.

Annesha and Ipshita

Place where we stayed

Road to Bagmandla

On the road from Bagmandla to Shrivardhan.

harihareshwar beach

Note: All photos taken with the Kodak V705 or Panasonic GS320 cameras.

Photos by Percy (Sony W55)

on the way to Shrivardhan

post lunch at Diveagar

On the way to Shrivardhan from Diveagar

early morning


the travelers



Anonymous said...

nice photography...
and as you said:
"Our lives have become such a circus. Of running about. Of doing who knows what and to what end. Of chasing a life with the hope of a nicer future................"

true...very true....its all about having hope with a hope for a hope...huh...need to come out of it? or is it again a hope that coming out of it will be merry and nice?...

him ... said...

nice pics!!
have u done any color corrections on them?

Onaiza said...

Hi there!

nice photographs and write up..

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DevSoft said...

Hi Nice photos ..

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If you have any sunset or sunrise photo at Harihareshwar then please contact us.