Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunset flowers

घाणेरी (Ghaneri)
घाणेरी (Ghaneri) on the road side, catching the setting sun's light

A couple of weeks back, on a Sunday, I travelled to pune to meet the family and especially Chiu. She had sweetly repeated "Abhi kaka Abhi kaka Abhi kaka" on the phone many times and I had to meet her.

On the 14 Unmesh got very restless so we headed (very late) for Sinhagad on his Unicorn. But we were Very late. So we ended up watching the sun set over Khadakwasla instead. Did some contemplation. Clicked some photos. And headed back.

Next day we got up early 5am and left for Mumbai on the bike. The Unicorn is a good bike. On the westerly bypass from Warze to Dehu Road it was super chilly and I was shivering all the time. It eased of later. At Lonavala we had an early tea on a roadside tapri.

घाणेरी (Ghaneri)
घाणेरी (Ghaneri)

Sunset on Khadakwasla

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