Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ghanshyam Sports

Ghanshyam Sports
Ghanshyam Sports, Ruia Naka

I finally got my Panasonic LX3!! 24mm f2. :) I have waited for this one since it launched late 2008! It was not available in India at all till a couple of months back and then too only a piece or so. I wanted a black one, but got a silver one. But only one piece was available so I took it - what's in looks, anyway?

The firmware was 1.0 so first thing updated it to the latest 2.1. Handling etc. are fantastic. I am really impressed with this one. The low light performance has been really crazy. I could not shoot night scenes like these except with my dslr+fast prime and at high ISO's.

Lets see where it takes me ...

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the new gear! Have fun getting acquainted. :o)

That's a great shot WOW! I wish I could get great low light shots like that. Some day I'll get a new camera too! :o)s