Saturday, December 04, 2010


Sunday. At Kanheri.


Inside the cave of my mind
where the thoughtful bats hang
nobody will ever remind
you, that your insanely humorous gang
has finally fallen behind

the cave is deep
and sometimes the cave is shallow
when the bats start to weep
even the rocky walls sound hollow

there is water in the cave
what a wonderful gift he gave
now we can eat and drink
and think
about what is to come
the whole world drowning in rum

at last! there is company for the bats
we are being invaded by the rats
if the insane humour goes from the eyes
you can see the stark emptiness that lies
in the vast void behind
called the cave of my mind...

~quasi 6 Apr 2002


Vivek Rao said...


if you had read this poem out at woodstock, you'd have gotten laid multiple times that night...something tells me it would have connected well with the green-strung flower gen babes...

wasn't this the year you, i, soham and vai went to peth and were invaded by rats the size of footballs?

quasi said...

I guess it was the year .. but cannot be sure .. too far back in history that way .. heh ... but we were invaded by mice ... small in size .. large in numbers .. must have been a couple of hundred scampering around that night ... what a night ... I remember the morning ... that wait to watch the sun come up .. the cold cold december breeze ... what freshness ...

I wish I was at woodstock or something .. ;) hehe .. chicks ..