Monday, December 20, 2010

Rustic Life

Hurda near Nasrapur

This year almost finishing. Some quiet travel. A little peace. Work. Friends. Fun. Spark. Hope.

Sinhagad eating place

shimga play

shimga play

puja of the home

dancing with the flag


road side village hut

village house and gathering

village house and gathering

faith: old man praying

gathering for the palki

Madi of the old Salvi house

Old Salvi House


Nachiket said...

first of all, i am great fan of your photography. especially i like ur black and white pictures a lot.

good to see you back.

quasi said...

thanks man !! I did'nt think anyone except myself read this blog .. hehe ..

ya .. it is good to be blogging again... blog is my friend.. if you know what I mean .. :P