Saturday, June 10, 2006



back seat view when I ride the bike.

What a funny time. And what a funny life.

Vasu is upset because I cannot give him time and because I am not punctual.
My boss is upset because I told him I am not coming on Monday-Tuesaday. In spite of me working on Sunday tomorrow and being in office for every Saturday for the past few months. He pushed me away and asked me to "just go".
My family is upset because I havent gone home after 21st. And I haven't met my parents for over a month.
My colleagues think I am too harsh and cannot control the tone of my voice and I that I crib a lot. Though I daresay I ever crib seriously.
Sanjeev hates my guts I am sure.


Very funny indeed... because this is a crib :)


Anonymous said...

crib. get it out. bottling crib, like thinking, is bad for health. :P

Anonymous said...

Well whatever others say i tell u thts how life is for guys like us.

quasi said...

:) .. so let's crib and get it out and done with. we dont need the negativity lingering on inside ... :) purify the soul, crib!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, very funny

Anonymous said...

Piss is something so personal, it is warm, and it feels so good. Just like friendship. So when all these people are getting pissed at you, they're just showing you their love. Dont get upset. Instead, carry a small bottle of the fresh morning one, and at different times of the day, well, reciprocate!

An intrepid traveller would definitely do that.

Anyways, dude, did it succeed? Fishing for sympathy, i mean?