Saturday, June 16, 2007

photography raag

devotion - takes all forms

... what raag's I give sometimes to people ...

... but photography is not about the camera... it not about the (process of) capturing of light to depict something ... it is about _the_ something you are trying to depict... a 2d slice of a 3d life... a slice which will be it's own context ... it's this translation you need to think about ...the day you forget the camera and think of the photograph, I think you will be happy with your results .. :)


Anonymous said...

If found an example of disjoint sets just now!

a. Recent photograph on quasi's blog
b. Quasi's rhyme (.. but photography is not about...)

I wonder how the latter relates to the first one. The latter is very nice; but again how does it relate to the earlier one??

Anonymous said...

they are indeed disjoint ...