Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Of Pachgani et.al.

Sunset over the table land, Pachgani.
Sunset over the table land, Pachgani.

26th - 28th Jan 2007.

Me, Percy and Milind. Pachgani is a nice place. We loved it. Got to stay in a beautiful small house of our friend Mukul. Such a peaceful time. Little bit of Old Monk in the chill night. Lots of talk...

Last day we went to Mahabaleshwar. On the spur of the moment, hired a cab and went to Pratapgad. Fantastic journey through the hills. Blogged about it here.

the road twisted and turned
snaking through the wild hills
the sombre face of black rock
as the mantle of golden grass burned

the horizion lost
among the blue lines
golden shafts of the setting sun
holding the wheels of time as they turned ...

I could'nt go on the fort, but Percy and Milind did.

We had a nice time.


Pachgani village
Pachgani village

Mukul's Room.  It was a nice place.
Mukul's Room. It was a nice place.

me. photo by Percy/Milind

The "Jeep" to Mahabaleshwar. 4 of us sat in the front.

Pratapgad. Photos by Percy.







all photos with the SE k790i phone camera

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Amazing .... I wish I was there with u guyz