Sunday, October 02, 2005

Went in search of the Scarlet Flamingo today morning. Got up early and were out by 0530hrs. 4 intrepid adventurers : me; Vivek Beleker, Lecturer Psycho at the Univ and an avid bird watcher; Sujay Bhosle, general companion; Abhijit Bhongle, old friend. Finding the Gawdforsaken spot took it's time. After navigating through the forgotten lanes of the city through the thick smoggy dawn and moonscaped roads, we found the place. We hardly had any information to start of with. It turned out be the backside of the Shivri/Shivdi Fort. We arrived to see a drab grey seascape with darker blobs of mangrooves and the sea far receded with the low tide. No flamingoes showed themselves. But we saw a few other birds : Crows, Pigeons, European sand pipers, Common Kites, Egrets and a flight of 4 very beautiful and graceful Elbees.


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Sujay Bhosle - "General Companion"
HAHAH now what should i take of tht.

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