Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Se7en things...

(seems like this is a to-do... I am finding it exceeding difficult a job.)

7 things to do before I die...
1. Con a girl into falling for me.
2. Know a bit more about life.
3. Give back all I have taken. And some more.
4. See the world.
5. Make some good photos. (err... to be honest "many" would be more accurate ;)
6. Write some good Lisp code.
7. Learn to paly my harmonica (well).

7 things I can do...
1. Crib (mostly only about chick(s))
2. Talk (not necessarily sense)
3. Enjoy anywhere anytime
4. Not complain (exception : chicks)
5. See (but am in serious doubt about the "what")
6. Solve Problems
7. Unnecessarily Argue

7 things I say the most... (I really dont pay all that much attention to what I say. You shouldn't either)
1. abe chu***a,... (lots more of these types)
2. ummm....
3. hmmm....
4. bol
5. Kya baat kar raha hain
6. abe chup
7. aur bata (got this thing from MJ, imagine how bored she must have been to talk to me. hehe.)

7 things I cannot do...
1. Keep my mouth shut
2. Not be sarcastic most of the time
3. Not sprout excessive quasi-wisdom most of the time
4. Not get depressed now-and-then about my love life (hehe, I love this one)
5. Trek (with damaged knee)
6. Be very helpful (except on rare occasions)
7. Be organised.

7 people who have to make this list...
1. MJ
2. Himanshu Mhatre
3. Mama Salvi
4. Rajendra Velluri
5. Vivek Rao
6. Happy
7. Harshawardhan Gavankar


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Anonymous said...

:D intresting tag list...... n yeh, difficult na, to think so much of how one behaves? dats wat made me do it.