Monday, December 09, 2013

Bloom - HDR with a Phone Camera

Bloom Bloom - Baner-Aundh

This is an HDR. Clicked with the phone camera of Nokia Lumia 925. The Nokia camera software allows us to take bracketed exposures. I have been meaning to exploit this feature to do some HDR's since I got the phone. The problem is that even if there is a slight movement while clicking the various exposures, the resulting HDR become blurry and messy. There is a in phone HDR software available, but the results are strictly ok as it also suffers from the motion issue and the alignment of the individual exposures. A tripod is strictly required. So I got a Joby Griptight Phone Mount which attaches to any standard tripod. I had a small tripod available. I was ready to experiment.

So from my office terrace I shot a few of the above scene and got decent bracketed exposures.  Then, using Luminance HDR on my Mac, I got the above result. I am still new to this HDR game, so the result is not too impressive.

But the bloom on that tree definitely is. 

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