Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Flower

Yellow WildFlowers

"Free will is a golden thread running through the frozen matrix of fixed events."
~ Robert A. Heinlein


Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

How are you? I don't know if you use that quasibhai id anymore. Sent you a few offliners. SOmething happened and was suddenly reminded of you :) Well, going to be in Mumbai on the 6th and 7th for Live Earth. Thought we should get in touch. Send me your number so I can call you when I am there and maybe we can hang out or something, wot? Incase you forgot who I am. Its me, Hippogriff. Also, the world is so small. DO you remember a certain Shadaan Osmani from Mumbai? He and I are very very good friends. - Kamal.

quasi said...

Hey Mr.Kasturi! How can I forget you drinking mangola in 'the den' at Santacruz (w) oh so long back ?? :) BTW my id has abhi not bhai .. and I still use it. Contact me on that on - I dont like posting my number online. and WTF@@#$%# Shaadan Osmani ???? He was in my class at School! How can I forget about him ? Ask him about Samita and her plate.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh mangola. You betcha. Want to do that soon? OOps true. Its abhi alright. Well can you just send me an offliner with your phone number so I can ring you?

Heh heh, Shadaan and I worked at the same place. He was into IT and I was heading the content division. Don't know how we got talkin' about you though. I think we were talkin' photography and I said have a friend in Mumbai and mentioned your name and he said knock me off with a feather and i'll fall over.

Sure will ask him about Samita and her place, heh heh.

Talk to you and meet you in Mumbai soon, dude.

Unmesh said...

nice flowers:)