Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hampi. Road Trip, April-May 2008, Rock Sculptures and Structures

Rock Sculptures, Hampi

Rock Sculptures and Structures of Hampi

What I loved most and remember most about Hampi were the boulders. The boulders and the hills and the magnificent sculptures they formed. These magical surroundings house some of the most interesting structures and ruins I have come across. Those people of old must have believed this to be a divine place - as it was indeed. For this is the land of 'Anjaneya'.

I was in so much awe of these boulders that I tried photographing the mood of them. I was late getting up so the harsh summer light gives a hard edge to the landscape. The rocks simmer in the sun almost blinding the wanderer. But this is also a reality of this rocky land. There is a different melancholy and abandonment in the afternoon. The shadows under the boulders become heavens of relief which you plunge into intermittently.

Nandi Temple, Hampi

Rock Sculptures, Hampi

Sister Rocks, Hampi

Tungabhadra and the Boulder Hills of Hampi

Stone Wall and Path, Hampi

Boulder Hill, Hampi

Steps and Wall, Hampi

Rock Structure, Hampi

Tungabhadra and the Boulders

Stone Pathway, Hampi

Structures and Boulders, Hampi

Boulders, Hampi


Unknown said...

Bus itna hi likha hai..... I thouht i wud get to read th history of hampi.. :P

Aloke Sahu said...

Hey! This is great! I like your photography. I'm a photographer myself, but I'm more into the macro side of things:).

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bee: pakao

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