Thursday, April 13, 2006

looking glass

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Ek to teri aawaaz yaad aayegi
teri kahi hoi har baat yaad aayegi
din dhal jaayega raat yaad aayegi
har lamha pehli mulaqaat yaad aayegi
kabhi hasti kabhi roti kabhi muskurati
ye zindgi tere bin bhi kat jaayegi..
par kuch kami isme bhi to reh jayegi
dil ko tadpayegi kabhi tarsayegi
har lamha teri yaad aayegi
teri kahi hoi har baat yaad aayegi...

Some stuff I found online... It sets you thinking as to why would one end up having such a sad poem ? After all is it not that there is nothing really irreplacable in this life anyway. I mean it all depends on how you convince yourself to the relative importance of things. Which leaves us with a thought that all percieved important things are congruent. And the list of all percieved important things is very easily modified...

Or is it that the trancendental and not-very-reasonable aspects of life is what makes it so absorbing ? Is it so that we have poetry, art, freedom ... love ?

I will end with a "whatever" (as she would say) ...


update : I happend to read this after a few hours of writing it. Such utter crap. Tells you what is possible with all you have on your mind for several weeks is just request-handlers, apache2, ab2, requests/sec, load size, memory leakage, thread-safety, concurrency, beer, intermittent sleep, smokes, two chicks, bad stomach, seks ...

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