Thursday, November 10, 2005

One Rainy Evening.

One Rainy Evening. That is the approach to my bulding. It was past sunset I think. It was a dull rainy evening. 8 second exposure on tripod with me and Mhatre to yap. Mhatre holding the umbrella over me and the camera. Fun. Then that time in Matheran when I mooned near the rock patch were Vishu got stuck. Then the other time on Irshalgad with Percy and Mhatre when we cooked amidst large quantities of red crawly insects. Then that time on Visapur with Percy and Milind running around jumping and the wild buffalos who gave us a scare and how the 4 of us slept in a 2 man tent with all the baggage and equipment and how the dogs pissed all around the tent.

I have had some really good times.


simple thoughts said...

and am sure u will continue to... gud things happen to gud ppl... sometimes atleat.

kay said...

u sure do,man....u sure do....:)

Anonymous said...

heh :)

navneet said...

am here for the first time..or second..dunno.
you'll get plenty more great times...even the ones that weren't so great evoke beautiful memories as we go along this roadtrp called life :)