Monday, November 07, 2005

The Sitarist

My Salon Entry at the SP Forum.

After 4 J's we were sure on the edge. :) Raju and Adityo especially, they got involved in a very intense Guitar vs. Sitar jugalbandi. I dont even remember how I took these photos. It was my friends manual Nikon FM10 - a strange machine which did'nt like strangers either. The photos are at weird angles suggesting very weird positions on my part.


Anonymous said...

how is sitar played? how many frets, the keys, the chords, and does it differ from guitar a lot?


Anonymous said...


your shots are very good. i especially liked The Devrukh Afternoon. :) and also, the poems that dont contain any authors, are they your poems? and who is that person in Happiness? is he your father?

sorry so nosey.

- guitarplayer

quasi said...

the poems without the authors are mine. :) The person in happiness is an Actor. I dont play the sitar, so I dont know. But there are lots of frets.