Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random scenes from the last few months.

Rural Scene, Devrukh.

Egg Bhurgi Stall, ST Stand, Kolhapur.  I reached at 0430hrs and was waiting for someone to pick me up. I had had an extremely unpleasant journey from Solapur sitting on the middle seat in the last row of an ugly bus going insanely fast on a bad road.

Old Building, Market, Matheran.  I had to go some place at the year end.  I went on bike to Matheran.  Tyo and Trupti had travelled by train earlier in the morning.

Old Red Building, Matheran.  This one I click everytime I go here.  This time from the other side and with a different tone.

Aman Lodge Station, Matheran.

Mankhurd, Mumbai.  While returning from Pune in my friend's new Esteem. hehe.

Sinhagad at Sunset, Sinhagad Approach Road.  I rode alone on the bike to see how it was.  The fuse on the bike blew and I did'nt have a spare.

Missal at Hotel Manpasand, Panhala, Kolhapur.  This is one mindblowing missal.  And he feeds with a generous heart.

Rajabhau Bhel Stall, Kolhapur.  Again, a mindblowing bhel.  Hez been famous for years.

All photos clicked with the Sony Ericsson K790i phone camera.

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Vivek Rao said...

Love the egg bhurji stall photo. Can almost smell the delicious aroma. Do u remember dude, many years back we had bhurji at one of the stalls outside kolhapur station? Piping hot bhurji with sweetish milk bread. That was something!!

The "abondend" and "all india special bhel" snaps are nice!!