Wednesday, August 16, 2006

rainy day

flooding near our building

Today I could not go to office due to flooding on the highway. How things have changed. There was a time I used to use the slightest excuse to bunk college. Now in flood conditions, I wanted to go to office. There was stuff to complete. I think I have become old. :) hehe. I suppose it's all right - happens to everyone.

These days of uncertainty. These days of wait. I wonder. They have lost the sharp edge now. It does not pain badly any more. Just a dull throbbing ache. Soon what one wait's for merges and becomes indistinct and inseparable with all the other things uncertain. It looses its definition and meaning. I suppose that's the time one has some peace. When all uncertainty can be viewed as one.

it has rained all day ... I am supposed to be loving it.


Anonymous said...

Life is getting uncertain, day by day. Or perhaps we feel so because as we are 'growing up' we are becoming more and more 'aware' of the uncertainty of life. In the past, our young and naive eyes (and heart) were too short-sighted to see the dense fog that blanketed the road ahead. Perhaps, in those days we were all too busy engrossed in thoughts of spinning subatomic particles to notice the exitence of that which inactuality was of more pertinece to us.

Anyways, ...........

Anonymous said...

Dude, himanshu, you need to have sex. It'll clear out your mind a bit!

Really cool pic, bro. A time to huddle around a fire with a couple of good friends, sipping on whiskey or rum....

Anonymous said...

Man, where did the 'un 'ise 'rom ?
Vivek, on the blog! putting 'orth is perspective into words (or, more appropriately, his words into perspective)!.
Whr have u been dude,! and wht brings ur happy soul to the netherealms of anguished writers and constipated responders and others of the >adjective omitted< flocks.
And wht better way to proclaim thy presence but with 'inn-ing down reponses to a dozen blogs forlost in the void of forsaken dreams and forbodings of far far forgotten forms of folly all of no significant force nor as sensible as the fricklest faculty of mind. >Yeah i know i cant beat the Matrix revolution script!<

All-'ise and B-Hold the Ager of great Men the !! Man-ager !!.

Welcome !!!!!!!