Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I scared a kid

I scared the shit out of a toddler today. He was playing on the landing and I suddenly came upon him. He gave me the who-are-you-you-ugly-monster stare. Well I gave him a silent monster scream with horrible grotesque facial contortions accompanied with wild flailing of arms. That put the geebees in him. He started backing up and trying to cry. But he was too scared for that. Ha. He takes panga with me? Me ??

Then I gave him a silly smile (least his mother come around) and asked him to give me the crayon he was carrying. He refused (his cheek!) and on top of that, having probably taken courage from the fact that only a lowly creature could ask for a broken crayon, got aggressive and attacked me. His older (only slightly) sister came by and joined forces with him.

I had to run.

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Anonymous said...

hey, spare the kids man!