Thursday, February 08, 2024

Mutton Rassa

1 Kg Mutton (Thigh and Chops with little fat).
Wash throughly a couple of times.
1 tsp Sea-salt
1/2 tsp Haldi
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
Massage into the mutton.
Marinate in fridge for a minimum 3 hours. Cover with cling wrap so that there is minimal air contact.
The Watan (gravy mix):
4 black cardimum
6 green cardimum
10 black pepper
12 cloves
3" dalchini
1 star anise
1 javitri
3 bay leaves
2 tsp jeera
1 tsp badisoap
1/4 cup sabut dhaniya
Roast in pan with a little oil, remove and keep aside.
Add following to same oil:
10-12 Garlic
1 1/2" Ginger
3 Medium-big onions
2x2" Dried coconut
6-8 Kadipatta leaves
1 tsp white til
2 tsp khuskus
10-15 coriander stems
Roast-fry in a Kadhai (wok) with little oil till onion is golden brown.
1 Medium-big onion
Give a couple of cuts and roast on fire till light brown inside and a little charred outside
1x2" dried coconut
Roast on fire till completely charred.

Grind all the above to a fine paste.
Take a good amount of oil in a large pot and get it hot.
Seer mutton in the hot oil for a few minutes and keep aside.
Saute the watan till texture changes and gets curdly and oil separates
Add mutton to the watan and saute for a few minutes
Chilli powder (to taste)
Kala masala (2 tsp)
Garam masala (2 tsp)
Salt (to taste)
Add enough hot water to cover the mutton and cook covered for 60-90 minutes on very low heat.
Garnish with coriender and finely chopped mint.

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