Saturday, June 12, 2021

Birds of Sangameshwar

It was fun chasing the birds for their portraits. I had good company in Jo, Rima and Animesh. Exploring the countryside early morning or in the golden hour of evening is so refreshing.

I had got the Sigma 100-400 just before the trip. It was almost a decade since my last birding lens, the Tamaron 200-400. I struggled a bit to get focus and finally shot mostly manual.

Sighting the hornbills was most exciting. The sunbird was so shy and required a lot of patience. The hoopoe was on the path and watched us with so much suspicion. The bee eaters used to sit still for long minutes, almost as if posing.

Those eyelashes!


Animish said...

Some really good sightings! That perch of hornbill pair and small minivets was a bonus! :)

quasi said...

Yeah. It was great great fun. Let's do this again soon!

Vivek Belhekar said...

these are real treasures experiences...! The hornbill pair is a super pic...! I hope we get to go somewhere this season...!