Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Trek! Trek!! Trek!!!

early dawn

So finally I went for a trek after 6 agonizing long years!! Gorakhgad. I simply loved it! Thanks to Percy and Deepak without whose help it would have been very difficult.

Macchindra and Gorakhgad
Macchindra Pinnacle and Gorakhgad

the Jivdhan, Nane ghat side

Siddhagad with top in clouds
Siddhagad to the other side, with it's top in clouds

Macchindra pinnacle from Gorakhgad
Macchindra Pinnacle with a blanket of clouds

The range opposite of Gorakhgad
The range opposite of Gorakhgad

Gnurag and Deepak with the Macchindra pinnacle standing tall behind

steep climb to the top

there were clouds playing all over the place

Gorakhgad top plug

the top plug of Gorakhgad on the way down.

All photos with the Olympus SW850


Unmesh said...

nice pics. must have been real fun. when did u go for the trek??

Vivek Rao said...

Really nice pics!! Wish i was still trekking. Looong looong time since i've done anything like that. Brought back memories of fitter times!