Sunday, December 18, 2005

matheran chronicles

When I arrived at the Gavankar residence at Matheran, I was meeting Harsh's old man for the first time. He immediately put me at ease with his warmth. Dinner was ready and the old table with it's warped top planks was laid with large inverted white porcelain plates with inverted glasses on them.

The plain rice with the phodni che waran and ultra thin special matheran potato wafers to accompany tasted like the best meal I had had in a long while. I was tired from the long lonely journey from Mumbai and then the even lonelier long walk from the bike parking to the Gavankar residence. That was a good meal.

The next day Senior Gavankar made mutton, dry and with gravy. We had mutton pav for lunch and mutton rice for dinner. After a heavy breakfast of omlette pav me and Harsh went exploring. The late lunch was a feast. I have never eaten so much mutton at one time before. After lunch me and Harsh spent hours trampling through the odd sopts of Matheran. We were dead tired by the time we got back home for dinner.

Above photo : Harsh in post dinner contemplation.

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