Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Of Spider Webs and Dew Drops

It was cold december on the sada in the Konkan. The grass had become reddish golden brown. Early mornings were enveloped in dense fog.

This wondorous landscape had another surpise for the intrepid adventurers - the jewels of the Gods. These symmetric webs of thin strands, adorned with sparkling spheres, dotted the landscape. The spider webs and the dew. It was mesmerising to look at them in the early morning fog-filtered light.


Animish said...

Very nicely captured. I remember, the fog lingered on for quite a while. The entire plateau looked mystical.

quasi said...

Thank you. :) Isn't it amazing how much we are tied to nature? The simple pleasure of being there in that magical place made us so so happy.