Sunday, July 30, 2006

happenings ...

the old men of Mojo's

I had recently been to bangalore for a day. To attend a informal get together of Lisper's in Bangalore/India. Hrush was kind 'nuff to send me. It was a good day. Close interaction with one of the well known lisper - Rainer Joswig. I learned a lot.

In the evening i met Aditya, whoz down there in Bangalore on a job. It feels so nice to meet someone you know in a strange place. We spent some excellent time in the evening at Mojo's. They played several door's number on our request. He came to drop me off at the airport too ...

Beer at Mojo's


I went to meet Ranjit Puthur aka Dukkar, the onarable mallu, in his place the other day. We met after some time. Hez one of my oldest friends. Hez getting married. May he get all the happiness there is, for he sure deserves it. I have never met a more humble, helpfull and selfless feller ...


Vasu. Hez growing his beard.


Yesterday I forgot to order till it was very late. I asked Veenu if there was some food ... he gave me a sundry collection. The is one of the best. Thanks dude. You fed a hungry man. There have been several occasions when hez fed us at odd hours.

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